Training and working with psychology and psychotherapy is deeply rewarding and enjoyable, you do not only learn a profession, but you learn about yourself, your own life and how to support others.

The aim of Anthroposophy in all professions is to enhance the general work with spiritual insights. The trainings and practitioners working with Anthroposophic psychology and psychological therapies therefor have as basis the professional training requirements and conducts of each country where in the profession is practiced.

Some trainings in Anthroposophic psychology or psychological therapies include the professional basis training where as other trainings require already a basic accreditation in the profession before you can study the anthroposophic backgrounds.

The rules and legislation of each country vary. In America and England for example there are over 200 different counselling professions, which in the rest of Europe often do not find a direct recognition. Psychotherapy in America and England is often understood to have a university based fulltime training, where as counselling can be a part time education. In other countries in Europe this division is made between Psychotherapy Heilpraktiker (part time shorter training) and psychological or medical Psychotherapy. (university fulltime training)

Using the same divisions we have aimed to provide you with the different trainings and methods in each country. At the moment this is work in progress and will be updated regularly. If you know of other trainings than mentioned or find incorrect information, please inform us so we can enhance our database.

- Psychology
- (Therapeutic) Biography work
- Counselling & Psychotherapy (Heilpraktiker)
- Clinical Psychotherapy
- Psychosomathy
- Psychiatry