Clinical Psychotherapy

Clinical psychotherapy is the university based training in psychotherapy, which requires the Bachelor and Master in psychology. After the Master in psychology, with a specialisation in clinical psychotherapy, you continue for another 3 to 5 years of training. This is partly university based and partly based in placements. The training in clinical psychotherapy, also named psychological psychotherapy, slightly differs in each country, but roughly consists of 600 hours of theory and 1800 hours of placements in a psychiatric clinics, psychosomatic clinics or in psychotherapeutic practices. The placements are under supervision, which is a large part of the training and the student has to undergo around 120 hours of own psychotherapy.

The specialisation into Anthroposophic psychotherapy often is taken during or after the training in university. During the training the student can take their placements in anthroposophic clinics, depending on what is available in each country and make use of what is offered in further education there. In many cases those who have already finished their training follow a part time course as mentioned under counselling and psychotherapy. Or a postgraduate course as mentioned underneath.

Postgraduate courses in Anthroposophic Psychotherapy:


Forest Row - Training course in Anthroposophic Psychotherapy, Psychiatric Disorders in Children and Adults, and Psychosomatics  - starts November 2014 - - - Part time


Stuttgart-Möhringen - DtGAP Anthroposophische Psychotherapie - starts Oktober 2014 - info@anthroposophische–

Part time