Psychosomathy (psycho=soul, soma=body, the soul making the body ill) is a specialisation, which you can take after having completed the university training of medicine. Like clinical psychotherapy it continues with further theory (around 240 hours), supervised placements (around 1500 hours) with around 120 diagnostic cases and between 70-150 hours of own therapy or grouptherapy. The specialisation takes 5 years.

The anthroposophic views in psychosomathy can be learned during the placements in anthroposophic clinics, in short specific modules offered in hospitals and in the basic courses for anthroposophic medicine or psychotherapy. Postgraduate courses are also available.

Postgraduate courses in Anthroposophic Psychotherapy:


Forest Row - Training course in Anthroposophic Psychotherapy, Psychiatric Disorders in Children and Adults, and Psychosomatics  - starts November 2014 - - - Part time


Stuttgart-Möhringen - DtGAP Anthroposophische Psychotherapie - starts Oktober 2014 - info@anthroposophische–

Part time