Counselling & Psychotherapy

Most trainings in counselling and psychotherapy are part time, often consisting of one weekend a month with several fulltime weeks a year for 1 to 3 years. There are several trainings available, which offer a professionally recognised counselling training, including anthroposophic ways of counselling and psychotherapy, as well as the legally required foundations into counselling or psychotherapy. A basic course in biography work is in some countries part of the first year of the training. Next to the hours in training, where the student undergoes theory and practice, in many trainings the student also has to undergo supervised placements and own counselling or psychotherapy. Although these requirements differ for each training, the placements could consist of 100-300 hours in clinical context and the student would need around 40 hours of own therapy.
To enroll the student needs to prove a previous connection to a profession or training in social or health care as an entry requirement. Other than the courses offered for clinical psychotherapy these courses are not university based and are often seen as a more or less 'free' profession falling under the heilpraktiker laws in Germany or under the governement based associations such as the BACP in England. This also allows anthroposophy to fully blossom and the trainings are often very rich and rewarding for the student, aside from the ordinary pressures of papers, deadines and exams.


Forest Row - Diploma course in Biographical Counselling BACP accredited counselling training - 3 years - -

Vaihingen - Psychotherapie Heilpraktiker Akademie Vaihingen e. V. - 1 year - -

Rest of the world

Galilee - training course for Biographical Counselling -
Jerusalem - training for Biographical Counselling - -

Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto - Foundation course in Anthrophosophic Counselling and Psychotherapy  - -

Rostov-on-don - Anthroposophic psychotherapy  - -